How to take best care of your Stackelbergs Blanket

A blanket from Stackelberg is woven from high quality of wool, mostly mohair wool – a soft, silky sheen and entirely natural material, with a beautiful luster. Our mohair blankets are produced in South Africa with wool from free ranging goats, sourced from local farms. Extra care is taken to ensure the best treatment of both goats and their wool, especially during the sheering process, with a profound respect for the animals och the material. All dyeing from South Africa is Oeko-tex certified.

When the plaids are fully woven, they are brushed up to get a soft and light feeling. Should some brushed wool fall off, it is only a natural part of the manufacturing process and can easily be removed if you brush the extra fell-off the first time.

If you use your mohair blanket frequently, the brushed fibers may contract slightly. You can easily get the blanket as new again. Use a mohair brush (even easier use a dish brush or a clothing brush) and simply brush the blanket, then ventilate and shake it in fresh air and the excess wool will disappear.

Should you get a stain on your plaid, simply remove the stain with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Press the damp cloth against the stain until it dissolves. We do not recommend washing your blanket, but instead air it occasionally. Should you need to wash it, it should be dry cleaned.

Three steps how to care:

  1. Blanket is frequently used, and the fiber has contracted slightly (Picture 1)
  2. Use a clean brush you have at home (Picture 2)
  3. Brush your blanket, so the extra or the contracted fibers will disappear (Picture 3)
  4. Ventilate and shake in open air (Picture 4)