Simply White

Timeless, comfortable nightwear in its own design and the finest cotton.

Timeless design and customers who return year after year – Simply White’s nightwear is a safe choice when you want to sleep well. They fit young and old, and are available for both children, men and women. The high quality and attention to detail runs like a thread through all the garments. Generous, well-made models of the finest cotton and a long life – well, there you have some of the answers to why Simply Whites nightwear quickly become favorites.

The Simply White’s collection is marked by tradition, accuracy and a sense of craftsmanship. The garments are sewn up by a small family tailor in Thailand who worked with textiles for generations. For 20 years, nothing that does not reach the high standards of quality passes the needle’s eye. And since you spend much of your life to sleep, why not let the Simply White make the most of life really comfortable.