Irish mohair- and lambswool rugs of the highest quality and the colors of the rainbow.

The year was 1892. In Foxford in Ireland’s rural areas where jobs are few and poverty is high. Sister Agnes, a nun from the neighborhood, saw an opportunity to turn the hopelessness. With the help of local craftsmen, she started a weaving mill that still today, over 100 years later, produces the most amazing wool throws. Respect for the material and craftsmanship, an almost heavenly quality and local production is something which is still the guiding principles for Foxford.

Today Foxford throws are manufactured of the finest mohair and various blends of wool. Since the plaids are available in a rainbow of colors, and more besides, it’s easy to find your favorite. They fit into any home and provides both extra warmth and a great eye catcher in any room they are placed. All you need to do is choose the color, then takes Foxford high quality care of the rest.